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The history of Tsitsikamma Cottages spans across two decades, with its roots in the tragedy that befell the home of the Kruger family in 1992. Since then, the house has been rebuilt, and an enormous amount of growth has taken place thanks to the hard work and determination of the Krugers. The legacy of Tsitsikamma Cottages lies in that every brick of every building was laid by a Kruger hand - Andre, Franci and their children, Melinda, Andre Jnr and Wynand together worked to create what you see today. It is with a deep sense of pride and loyalty that we hope to continue this legacy for many decades to come.
4 November 1992
Original wooden house ravaged by fire.
4 November 1992
Fire damage seen from Palm Tree side.
Mid 1996
Main house rebuilt and construction of Mountain View Cottage.
December 1996
Mountain View Cottage ready and awaiting first guests.
4 December 1996
First paying guests check in to the Mountain View Cottage.
First coats of the iconic blue roof paint.
Mid 1997
Preparations for the new trampoline.
Mid 1997
Construction of second cottage, Morning Dew, commences.
December 1997
Final touches before first guests arrive for the Morning Dew Cottage.
Two completed cottages.
Original road leading to cottages.
Owners Andre and Franci outside Reception (which later became the Sunflower Suite).
Summer 2000
Main building and pond prior to the addition of the Palm Tree Suite.
February 2001
Palm Tree Suite completed and ready for guests (this photograph is dated 5 August 2016).
Original shape and size of the dam.
The swimming pool gets a facelift.
The dam is rebuilt much deeper and larger.
Construction of phase 1 of the Windmill project commences. When complete, it will be two storeys tall with the bell-shaped roof adding an extra storey.
August 2010
Phase 1 of the Windmill is completed and the first guests arrive.
5 August 2016
The double doors of Reception as can be seen today.
Phase 2 of the Windmill construction is completed, the raised roof.
December 2017
Celebrating 21 years of Tsitsikamma Cottages with a festival of Christmas lights.
30 June 2018
Offical TGCSA 3 star grading.
Addition of the Panorama Suite.
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